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. built so you can rule the air. >>> murder for hire. an assassination plot prevented on u.s. soil. >> the target and how the seem was foiled. >>> hello everyone. people are talking about tonight. >> a threat of bombs and massive injuries aimed at one in washington. how it was uncovered. >> reporter: the obama administration is accusing the iranian government of planning to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the u.s. >> his conspiracy was conceived and was directed from iran. it constitutes a flagrant violation of u.s. and national law. >> reporter: iranian agents -- at his favorite restaurant in washington. >> these individuals have no regard for their intended victim, no regard for innocent citizens who might have been hurt or killed in this attempted assassination. >> reporter: federal agents arrested 56-year-old at jfk airport on september 29. they say he has confessed and identified iranian officials. the other suspect is member of iran's special operations unit and is still at large in iran. they say he hired a hit man he believed worked for a mexican drug cartel, the men we
weapon at the scene. maybe derek here can help us out with that. boa vista: damn, those are some nice abs. this guy must have lived at the gym. where did he find time to squeeze in all the women? always time to squeeze in women. especially if they're paying. (scoffs) a lot of coagulated blood. probably suffered an intracranial hemorrhage. my guess is he would have bled out if the propane hadn't gotten to him first. got a little something in this wound. would you do me a favor and hand me the magnifying glass and tweezers, please? gracias. mm-hmm. yeah. are those dandruff flakes? maybe from our gigolo joe. his dandruff could have fallen onto the vic when he attacked him. care to take it to trace? thank you. the flakes are pvc plastic. but i can't think of anything made of pvc heavy enough to fracture a skull. what if it were part of a weapon? hmm? this may help. the flakes are coated with water and glycerin. why would that be on the outside of a weapon? it's not what's on the outside. it's what's on the inside. hmm. i'm totally lost. okay. when i was a little, my dad used to take me to the
we're on the move. ♪ and we don't want anything, ever, to slow us down. so it's surprising that most women aren't getting enough calcium. but thankfully, with over 25 great flavors, like strawberry cheesecake and blackberry harvest, only yoplait original gives you 50% of the daily value of calcium and vitamin d in every cup. yoplait. it is so good. >>> freed from prison. american student amanda knox cleared of her roommate's murder. >> the stunning verdict and the emotional reaction from italy to the united states. >>> hello everyone i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here is what people are talking about tonight. >> amanda knox will fly back tomorrow as a free woman four years after she was thrown in jail and convicted of killing her british roommate. >> reporter: amanda knox left an italian jail this time for good. an italian judge overturned her murder case. >> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. we suffered for four years for a crime she did not commit. >> not only did she suffer. >> reporter: knox pleaded with the court. i did not kill. i did not rape,
're on the move. ♪ and we don't want anything, ever, to slow us down. so it's surprising that most women aren't getting enough calcium. but thankfully, with over 25 great flavors, like strawberry cheesecake and blackberry harvest, only yoplait original gives you 50% of the daily value of calcium and vitamin d in every cup. yoplait. it is so good. >>> fast and fatal. and indy car race goes from thrilling to tragic in an instant. >> the champion killed behind the wheel and why drivers say this race was so dangerous. >>> hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here is what people are talk about tonight. >> a 15 car crash killed the popular indy car driver. some said the track was too small and the cars too fast. emergency crews rushed the 33- year-old british driver to the local hospital where he later died. three other drivers were injured, speeds at the indy 300 in las vegas exceeded 220-miles- an-hour. ed carpenter was in the race and was a close friend of dan wheldon. >> i think we all felt that there was a chance for there to be some crashes in the race because we were runni
neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> americans on alert. the u.s. government stops a plot to assassinate a washington dc diplomat. >> why key lawmakers say it could happen again. >>> hello, everybody. >>> here's what people are talking about. >>> a worldwide terror alert after a failed plot to kill -- wjz is live. megan mccork he will explains why that is. >> reporter: it's a bizarre murder for hire plot that may lead to the highest ranks of the. >> charged with the alleged plot. federal officials say conspired with the mexican drug cartel to kill the ambassador as he dined in a washington dc restaurant. the alleged plot traced back to an ir iranian group. >> this it was a flag rant violation -- political violence and sponsorship of terrorism. >> reporter: in the wake of the alleged plot the government is warning americans to be on alert. the state department has released this warning to americans traveling overseas to use extra caution. >> i think american people always need to be alert. wherever we go in this world it's always dangerous. >> repor
farms. >> jensen farms is not commenting because of ongoing cases. >>> u.s. drone strikes killed alawaki friday morning in southern yemen. >> the death of alaki is a major blow to al-qaida's most active operational affiliate. >> reporter: alaki was a top figure in the terrorists most dangerous pwrafrplg. alaki b ranch. alaki born in new mexico and spoke fluent english. he inspired the deadly rampage in fort hood. >> i think a message clearly needs to go out to the terrorists in this world that want to attack us. if you attack americans we will find you and we will bring you to justice. >> reporter: the cia and u.s. military tracked alaki for three weeks before a strike on his convey. awaki's death is considered the most significant since osama bin laden. but the intelligence recognize a weakened al-qaida still remains a threat against the united states. >>> the paramedics who found michael jackson's lifeless body two years ago testified in his manslaughter trial. emergency responders tell the court the information dr. conrad murray gave them just didn't add up. he said jackson didn't ha
a building not used for instructional purposes. they say in the meantime city schools are working with the families of the students allegedly involved in the incident to make sure they receive the support they needs. the girl's father hopes someone pays for this. >> i hope he gets some serious time-out of this. >> reporter: and a teenage girl has transferred out of that high school. megan, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, megan. baltimore city police are working with school officials in its ongoing investigation. >>> ohio city turns into a big game more than 50 animals are let loose from a wild life preserve. the search for the last wild creature just came to an end. >> reporter: the all night hunt that began tuesday extended into wednesday. almost 50 animals were shot and killed, bears, wild cats, wolves and obama boons turned the sleepy town of ohio upside down. >> we live there, and there's a bear and lion out. >> there's a bear and lion out. >> right behind us. >> yeah, bear right here. >> the animals were freed from their cages by their owner terry who then took his own lif
to head with police in oakland california. dozens are behind bars and police used tear gas to control the angry crowd. in dallas police put protesters on the ground as they blocked access to downtown bank. some dragged into a police van as they were taken into custody and in chicago at least 100 demonstrators are led to jail in front of a screaming crowd after they refused to leave a downtown park. >> we've been here for three weeks without a permit. what's different about tomorrow. >> tomorrow could be a different day here. city hall has declared camping illegal, some protesters say they'll hold strong. >> i see it as a beneficial thing for us to stand out here and stand up for what we believe in. if that gets us arrested, find and dandy. >> the mayor's office said they're working to protest right to free speech. it's not a campground and over night camping is prohibited. the city will continue to monitor the situation and deal with individual acts of illegal behavior on a case-by-case basis. even if they're kicked off the plaza, it won't silence them. >> they can try to stop this ar
. and that is the second time you've lied to us. i didn't lie to you. i just didn't tell you. i spoke to your commanding officer. what? why did you do that? do you know what that means? we know exactly what it means. it means an automatic discharge for you if you got her pregnant. oh, my god. you just ruined my life. that's exactly what you said to her last night, isn't it? isn't that why she ended up going home? it... it'll be okay. we know what we have to do. make an appointment tomorrow to get this taken care of. travis, this is our baby. we already talked about getting married. after i get my commission. ellie, if you're pregnant, there is no commission. i don't care if you're in the military. yeah, i know. you've been trying to get me to quit for months. i just walked right into your trap. you went there this morning to get out of the trap you're in, travis. no, i didn't. i went there to apologize. really? you changed your mind just like that-- that fast? i didn't want to lose her. god, even if it meant losing my scholarship. but no one was home. i didn't lie to you about that. i swear. i want a la
.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. ♪ navarro used the ambulance to transport all the women. yeah, well, we can't get any of esteban's fingerprints from either the vehicle or the building. and all that running route evidence, that's circumstantial at best. angela can't i.d. her attacker, either. you know, i just... we should be holding this guy. i know. well, we would be if navarro wasn't who he is. o'shay did such a number on the state attorney, he's not gonna press charges. hey. officer. hey. nat, this is, uh... elizabeth clark. hi. elizabeth. okay, i'll, uh, catch up with you later. all right. so elizabeth, huh? what were you expecting? angel? trixie, maybe? no. i'm just glad you're here. well, you were right. someone did hurt me, and i should probably deal with that. but i'm not making any promises, okay? well, i am. and i'll drive you to the center right now. all right, let me just go get my stuff and clock out. okay. then i'll wait here. all right. thank you. for everything. i'll be right back. i assume you're not here to turn over your son. just here to talk. lieutenant, al
did not use our text alert system. that was a very localized accident. >> the chief says there are now extra patrols when we were in the garage we did see parking personnel walking the floors under ground. this afternoon a university e- mail goes out to those on campus. in all not enough information to calm fears here. >> maybe it's not as secure as we thought or originally thought. >> released police report show the man was 48 and he was assaulted as he was getting out of his benz s500, the keys still in the ignition. he was shot three times in the back. his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. >> campus police say there have been two violent incidents on their 64-acre campus in the past 2 years. this baltimore police officer is on the other side of the law arrested for domestic violence. he's accused in an attack that happened last night. they aren't sharing many details the five-year veteran is suspended about pay. >>> tornadoes carrying through virginia you can see the huge twister and threatening clouds. today the national weather service confirmed a tornado cause
when people show up. to continue that ruse? well, after we found andrea, joseph told us to pack up all of our stuff and write from here. we can't keep working here. this place is gonna be swarming with police in a half hour. that's why you're gonna get kenny and your computer and you're gonna go work on my boat. is that really necessary? you want to stay in business, don't you? all right. (thunder rumbles) (sighs) so is it just the two of you, or is marilyn here? that's andrea's stuff. andrea, our victim? andrea: i know how to punch up this chapter. andrea was one of us. lawrence: we've been writing ms. milner's novels for three years. andrea turned in our last manuscript this morning. we're onto the next one now. so, where's marilyn? kenny: we've never met her. what? wait a minute, you guys write exactly like her, but you've never met her? well, she gives us storylines, general ideas. but we do the rest. (scoffs) uh... what are you doing?! excuse me, we're trying to work here. yep. me, too. there's no blood here. yeah, this wasn't the place where andrea was killed. this is andrea's co
turned violent. some torched cars and smashed bank windows and riot police used tear gas to keep control. but thousand of others rally peacefully. demonstrator's cross europe joined the u.s. occupy movement in a day of global protest. they marched against government budget cuts and corporate greed. he said people are suffering from the power of banks. in greece, people vented more of the financial furry they felt for month as the cash strapped country fueled europe's debt crisis and promised the website would launch a campaign against the institution. >> police stood guard where organizers were hoping for tens of thousands or protestors but the number were much smaller. demonstrators wanted to occupy the london stock exchange but police held them back. they are hoping for nonviolent demonstrations in more than 900 cities around the world in days end. protestors in tokyo had the same message. >> we need a system that prioritized the people. >> most of the days protest were peaceful but the larger the country's debt, the louder the crowd. >>> and financial chiefs from a group of 20 develop
paid them and then they defaulted and they haven't given us back our money. >> reporter: it's not just this school that says it was scammed. nearly two dozen other schools say they were cheated out of money too. baltimore county and schools in northern virginia say the odyssey group took their money too and didn't deliver. >> the company that has marketed these assemblies before. >> reporter: 17 schools are out more than $14,000. >> our office of legal services is looking to the avenues that are available to us at this point to try to recoup this money. >> reporter: wjz obtained a letter sent by a lawyer saying, odyssey contacted an agent that had access to several ravens players. the project grew too fast and odyssey very quickly had more bookings than available players. their relation with the agent fell apart. parents just want the money back. >> i would hate for them -- for this to happen to other kids. >> reporter: we tried to contact the owner of the odyssey group but he didn't return our phone calls. reporting live, wjz eyewitness news. >> if i recalls say the team has no affili
the northeast. how maryland is fairing tonight. >>> what a surprise good evening and thanks for joining us i am acame may -- adam may. october snowstorm blanketing the northeast look at what it looked like earlier today when wet snow piled up in frederick county and slicked up a lot of the highways. it also accumulated on the trees which are covered with fall colored leaves. now in hearford and northern baltimore they broke out the snow brushes dusting out cars before hit willing the roads. winds were swaying the trees. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage we have a look at the hardest hit areas but first bernadette woods tracking first warning live doppler radar with the latest. >> the worst of the storm is gone but we are taking you back to show you what happened earlier. let's look at first warning doppler radar. look at this making its way across the state some calm continue to heavy and from the north -- came down heavy and from the northwest there's another area that changed to snow passing through and then during the evening hours every thing really started to taper off and it
. >> the u.s. justice department estimates the state loses about $5 billion a year to cigarette smuggling. >> reporter: this is surveillance video of atf agent patrolling maryland virginia border, the new smuggling ground for -- they're loading up then they illegally sell the smokes in high tax states like m m.d. >> and the amount of money is phenomenal. it's tens of thousands of dollars in any particular run that somebody may rate. >> reporter: maryland charges $2 a pack, new jersey is 270 and new york has the highest rate. maryland peter tackling the problem head on. >> be careful because our officers are blanketing the borders. >> reporter: georgia's county already busted 9 people last month for cigarette smuggling. they're hurting people who sale cigarettes. >> we're protecting businesses who are paying taxes and doing the right thing. >> they have a stamp marking the state where it was sold. just this one carload smuggled in could rank in $30,000 in illegal properties. >> it's a felony to bring more than two packs of cigarettes into the state of maryland without a maryland tax stamp
months. >> after 2 years of bat em thousands of u.s. troops are leaving iraq for good. >> today i can say our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holiday. >> president obama made the announcement today said woa honor a 2008 agreement to withdraw. >> after a decade of war the nation that we will build is our own. reporter: since the war began 87 troops have been killed in iraq. nearly 24,000 have been deployed. >> we are looking at the hard work we did. >> he spent a year in iraq knows what a troop withdraw means for family like this woman and her kids. >> it is hard. reporter: she joins dozens of families don't at the airport and hundreds of troops came home. >> we have been waiting and waiting for this day. reporter: staff sergeant had been gone for a year. for the hundreds of troops that returned home tonight the wait still is not over for them. they tell us they have family members and loved ones oversees. >> our brothers are on there way home as we speak. it is a good thing, bring everybody home. >> he h
. >> it is a new day. wjz has complete coverage. we start with scott, he shows us what it looked like on the scene gadhafi was captured and killed. >> reporter: rebels dragged gadhafi out of the drainage ditch and that's when the mayhem started. gadhafi's last moments were recorded. this is what 42 years of rage looks like. his last words reportedly don't kill me, don't kill my sons. but amid the screens of god is great, gadhafi met his end speaking and shot. they hoisted his body on to a truck so the crowds could see their cries. an ambulance pulled up to take the body away. photo journalist holly was traveling with the ambulance drivers and told us about the scene. >> i could see his face -- i couldn't see his first -- see his face at first. then i saw the top of his head there was blood and his hair, which is like signature of gadhafi the frizzy hair. they were just ecstatic. >> the body guards may have killed him to prevent -- she's live with the impact. gadhafi's death has had on some marylanders. >> reporter: they too have been waiting for that. they say he ripped something away from them th
stole a woman's purse. police will not tell us how he escaped. they do believe he's armed and dangerous. >> tonight tornado watch is cancelled. a suspected tornado did touchdown in the virginia county that was the epi center, you can see the roof was cut off, the funnel cloud was spotted just before 4:00 this afternoon. bob is in the weather center with a closer look at the storms that roll through. >> some shower and thunderstorm activity. pretty much from dc to the west. when we open up down across virginia we saw strong storms developing this afternoon came right at the 95 corridor, there it is, d.c. saw strong storm, most of the activity was just to the west and northeast. still some shower activity in the evening, late tonight and tomorrow morning, probably some more showers as well. for the weekend bringing any better weather, coming up my full forecast have the details in just a few minutes. >> i thank you bob, busted a major offshoot of the bloods gang stretching across maryland. dozens of expected members are behind bars. live at federal court with how the feds broke the case.
away at the age of 56. he is the man that brought us the mac, the i-pod, the i-pad. reports if wjz on his worldwide impact. >> it's incredible with its multitouch interface. >> steve jobs was the face of apple. a drop out, ecofounded apple. he was just 21 years old. he revolutionized the pc with the macintosh. jobs was forced out of apple in the mid 1980s after a tiff with the board. but he was -- jobs transformed the music industry with the i- pod and made i tunes the largest music store. then started a tablet revolution with the i-pad. one of the richest people in the world. steve jobs made a black turtle neck and jeans his trademark. he beat pancreatic cancer in 2004 but his gaunt appearance 4 years later. >> jobs shot back with humor but jobs' health deteriorated and he had to undergo a transplant. it was during a second leave of absence that jobs decided to step down from apple. >>> apple has not released a specific cause for jobs death but his family said he died peacefully. >>> a police pursuit, live at police barracks. explains why troopers were chasing that truck. >> inves
shepherd. >> there was this look of him picking up $2 -- the ball and i used that to do the statue. >> it would be an honor to compaq. >>> you cannot miss this, it is right in front and across the street from came deny hall. >>> more on helping hearts. . >>> after four years, archbishop o prion worked in a place more access able to children with lower income individuals. >>> this is the 49th million visitor walking through the doors today. >> con frat lagses. >> thank you, very much -- the family got a behind the scene tour of the aquarium and phot a year-long membership. we spoke with them on the moment they won. >> we saw a crowd of people to the side from the aquarium and thought something was up, but thought it was for the people ahead of us and then when we bought the tickets, the streamers went off -- i wonder if they got the pet the dolphins. they are planning more trips to compaq to see the aquarium with friends and family. >>> still to come. >> the video is speaking for itself. >> the father and son fight and you will not believe what this man did for a hiving. >> remember
'clesocpnkstart ball is tougespn team. by not b jacksonesvipnllrved a ouple s on the good side ravens toespn use don't get imize posit's aespn longespn fattempt. >> m post game coming up e.espnespn third andrew right up to the eld goal will be about 51 es us finaat 1:48. es pnthe esceivin that it stayed of the espn preserve for baltimorkicked the ball as iespn said the question, esscpnobee, ifmis he's kickhem esfopnr 54 espn17-27. but if he ms get the at the 42 yard line w more thanespn enough time i'm sure jim harbaughnking that. heespn scobee missing >> mike: this is a 51 attemptes. he almost got thesepnre nails a third 50espn yarder! pointespn jaguar lead.en unbelie they are right down middle. are long field goalens came wio scobeeespn kick this holds, look at th pn pn remarkable 50 yarders in one espn nfl record for espn here tn m.espno kic the ball and you'g n his rav offensive line pass esn time they had pnust took it 80 up in this espnespn >> ron: and kick w. position.ess pnwould like to ge would like to upespn to kick s isespn danger. espn running down second esthp. espntime-out?resets f
. here is how that all unfoldd. >> it all happen quickly. one woman used cleaning products as the weapon of choice and everybody in the area was in trouble. the police said it started out with a fight with two women and ended with a crime scene and haz-mat scare. the shoppers and employees were victims at this walmart. >> we got a lot of calls, patients that had irritation to the eyes and breathing problems >>> reporter: the police said before 11:00 saturday morning, a 33-year-old followed a woman into the store and approached her in the household cleaning aisle and started to punch the victim with bleach and pine sol. it has ammonia. it will make a gas that can burn the respiratory track. >> it is crazy and scary. you could walk in and have that happen. >> it is sad that could happen and people could be that violent. >> the fight did not end there. after the bleach, the suspects came here to the police station to file a protect active order against the woman. >> then she was able to determine she was the suspect in the assault, not a victim. >> the victim's boyfriend is the father of th
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for us this weekend. wjz is live with first morning weather coverage, nick is standing by with how maryland is racing. live doppler radar, bob. >> the only snow right now is in some of the. over 1500 feet. well above freezing at this particular time, now as things get colder. we have a winter storm warning, just north of the winter weather advisory for snow. how much do we expect out of this unusual october storm generally across the bottom on that, 1 to 3 to the south and east. 3 to 6 inches now, far west of maryland, 9 inches if possible in some of the areas way out to the west. the state -- record snow fall for this time of year. >> reporter: to give you an idea just how rare an october snow, if we get 1 inch of snow at dwi tomorrow, it will be the second snow west october day ever. a fall weather fast forward october not even over yet but winter is on the way. >> very unusual. ant -- >> from last time differently, 1979. most accumulation in october happened back in 1925, 2.5 inches. >> one of the big concerns, the leaves are still on the trees when the snow fall it could weigh
. first down. >> gary: you know what this kind of reminds me of now is how nick saban used mark ingram a couple years back when he won his heisman against south carolina. remember that? he had all those carries. the team was close to 250 yards in that football game and i think saban now is showing the rest of the people especially lsu be ready for this too by the way. remember, we got this too. >> verne: richardson's career high now with 167 earlier against north texas earlier in year. marquis maze and the direct snap to richardson. he adds to the total. >> gary: do you want to go back to the one play they think kind of broke this thing open in the second half for alabama. the third and 9 throw from mccarron to maze on the sideline. that was probably the only pressure packed play for mccarron the whole football game and he came through. >> verne: the starting offensive line still in there. >> gary: oh, yeah, you're not taking them out as long as number 3's in there. >> verne: mccarron lined up wide to the top of the screen and the wildcat again and marquis maze. here's richardson. >> g
herself in. >> one employee told us strange that both the victim and the suspect end up at the same place. >> it's not coincidence. >> reporter: say jefferson's exboyfriend and the woman she's accused of attacking have a child together. wal-mart issued this statement. >> reporter: theresa jefferson remeans in jail on 350,000- dollar bond. >> most of the 19 people who were hurt complained of eye irritation and breathing problems. >>> a -- shuts down a road. you can see the car smashed to pieces after slamming into a truck. two people in the car were flown to the hospital. the road is back open. >>> two more people were rushed to the hospital after getting hit by a car. the car hit them -- we're told both victims should survive. >>> new fighting between revolutionary forces and -- as the battle for libya heats up. rebels are pounding loyalists with rockets and machine guns. they are taking aim at gadhafi's last stronghold. says the country will be liberated once -- falls. gated aftery is still -- gadhafi is still in hiding. a. >>> a baltimore journalist freed from a libyan prison refuses to
,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the u.s. every year, of those 28,000 will die of the disease. here at chesapeake urology, they say psa test are critical. >> men lives have been saved because of psa. >> they say routine psa screenings saved his life. >> in my case because of enlargement of prostate, through the years eventually caught it at a very early situation. >> the study also says detective cancer is small and slow growing, they never pose a risk to the patient. dr. segal isn't convince. >> if you take that away, i truly believe you're going see death rates go up significant. and they'll be dying from prostate cancer. >> many over the age of 40 who have a family history of prostate cancer are urged to get the screenings every year. i'm jessica, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, doctors who oppose the study's findings say mortality rates associated with prostate cancer are down. and that's to early detection where is psa test. >>> one bird does not want to be thanksgiving dinner this season. a wild turkey attack is caught on tape. >> in california wanted to check on reports of
, let's use our will. >> reporter: that's monique throwing her support behind the same sex marriage in the state. she's the first to release a video. governor o'malley plans to release a same sex marriage bill next year. >>> that will be the answer to a moldy smelly problem at st. marry's college in maryland. a rented cruise ship will be turned into a dorm. >> i can't see the mold but students say you can certainly smell it. it's in the ceiling. >> we have chilled water pipes that run above the ceiling and you can see the gray on them. >> reporter: it is so bad the students were moved out of the dorms more than 20 miles from campus. >> if i was a person in the hotel i would be pissed. it's like a 30 minute commute. >> reporter: enter the voyager, a luxury cruise ship that will dock on the river. >> they will have the full run of the ship, the ballrooms and the decks. >> i think it's pretty sweet. it fits pretty well with the school and i think a lot of the kids are super stoked about it. >> reporter: another plus for the school, it will cost less than all those hotel rooms. school a
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